Budgeting a Project......

I'm often asked about "how long?" it will take to record a song or album or "how much will it cost?" to do so. Haggarty Sound Studio rates are calculated by the hour (not the "day") and there are a variety of things that take place, from setup, to tracking, overdubs to mixing. Additional factors, such as session players and mastering options may also contribute to the amount of time it takes to complete a project.

Each project is unique in some way and I strive to produce the best possible product for my clients, whether it's their first songwriting demo or the latest of several albums.

The best strategy is for prospective clients to contact me and for us to have a conversation about your plans, needs and goals.

I'm happy to work out an estimate (whether it's a single song or a double album). Please call me at (705)742-7839 or click here to send me an email.